As salamu laeikum, Beautiful 🙂 The time is running fast and amid all the post-Trump-oh-what-will-happen-now moods it’s time to come back for some serious talk. Commitments. Hear me out.

As a mother, as a woman, as a daughter, as a wife, as an employee, as a student a woman has plenty of commitments. More than enough and that’s OK, cause we can do it all at once and still look somewhat sane.

What is most surprising/annoying/wrong is the new ‘ditch-that-husband-of-yours’ trend. I’m not saying in the marriages where abuse or unsolvable problems arise this advice is wrong, but where just regular banter and adjustments are happening.

Learn the simple way to be confident, happy self NOW.

The husband said to the wife to don’t go somewhere, ditch him!

He refused to do something for the wife, ditch him!

He said something that really hurt her feelings, RUN!

Seriously, ask any veteran wife about any of these regular adjustment issues and she would tell you that’s a crucial part of marriage. How a marriage will grow if everyone is tip toeing around each other?

Also, a veteran wife would tell you that the wife shouldn’t keep her preferences, likes and dislikes away from her husband. Imagine he would be bringing you the WRONG chocolate ALL the time. Not a life at all.

Joking aside, there needs to be an open communication AND mutual respect, AND commitment to each other.

The other day I was thinking about raising kids. We put sooo much effort, hopes, dreams AND commitment into them, then when it comes to our marriages our commitment seems so much dependent on so many things; our inner turmoils, marital adjustment issues, outside pressure, etc..

Imagine, what marriages would look like if the husband and wife would have the same commitment to each other as they have to their children.

What would your marriage look like?

I’m certain that my commitments could be improved. Just a shift in thinking could make a huge difference on how I see my marriage and how you see yours.

It’s enough of emotional turmoil, let’s enjoy our marriages NOW!

If you are ready, comment bellow with YES!

Till next time. Thank you for reading.

Be happy. Live happy.

Ma salama xxx

Veronika al Mahdiyah

Learn the simple way to be confident, happy self NOW.

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