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Discover how you too can overcome marriage growing pains in 3 months or less, even if you have struggled before with barely any success

Yes. A marriage of yours CAN be a dream marriage too and it’s simpler to achieve that than you think.

Imagine for a moment how it would feel like waking up next to your husband knowing that you are in the best relationship ever and would never ever, ever exchange that for anything else in the world…

Would that make you happy?

Personally, I have seen the marriages that have been on the brink of divorce being overturn within DAYS! No kidding.


With the help of marriage coach.

Hi, I’m Veronika al Mahdiyah and I have been working as a marriage whisperer (a.k.a marriage coach) long before I took it up as a professional path. You see, I, myself, struggled in my own marriage for a fair bit and used trial and error to improve it. And the most important lesson I have learned is that there are many ways to make a marriage great, but the best and most successful with amazing results is to make a wife believe in herself. Hands down.

3 month ago I was lost within myself. I was happy on the outside, but something was missing inside. The inner peace was long gone with all the life events present. I thought I could cope with all of it, but it didn’t take long to reach breaking point. After the first session I felt relieved. It’s an amazing feeling, when your addressed issues are heard and understood. Without a single judgment! Ma shaa Allah. I always wanted to be perfect. In all possible ways. But a month later it clicked. I finally embraced myself. My flaws, my imperfection, my weaknesses. I finally found happiness in small things. We don’t need much to be happy, we just forget to be grateful for what we already have right now. Alhamdulillah for everything. – D. N., UK.

Once You are confident, you have no limits! Your marriage flourishes.

Why do you need a marriage coach?

Because it will save you time, heartache and will give you techniques, so that you could use them immediately with remarkable results.

Feeling determined and exited after only the 1st session! From not knowing where to start from and what to look for to a complete clearance and concrete actions to be taken! Would anyone expect anything more?

I believe that nothing happens without a reason, and if at the time of cross roads you can use a compass, then not to use it would be simply silly. Step by step I was led through my scattered thoughts, which were gathering in groups, appearing in the shelves they belong to, till the one I need came up. It has been looming somehwere around now and then, but I could not grasp and tame it till today! Veronika led me through a process of self discovery and self awareness, which I was unable to achieve myself for years!

I am sincerely recommending this soul doctor to anyone searching, lost or pending in an unsatisfying state of life.

As for me, I have tasks to do now, so good luck, explorers! Wishing all the best – L. B., UK.

‘But what if I am not ready to tackle my marriage issues?’

May I ask you what are you waiting for? From years of experience I can assure you that marital problems DO NOT go away by themselves. Marriage is an investment and there is no better investment as the one for yourself. Just picture for a moment, how would it feel like if you stop fighting over those little things and would actually agree to find solutions TOGETHER? Would it be better than just to have another ‘no-talk’ day?

‘But I’m not sure how the coaching works? Will it hurt?’

Look, we may have to touch on emotionally painful issues, so that you could finally have a closure with them and live a happy fulfilled life. It’s like having a coffee with your best friend. A friendly atmosphere during coaching sessions guaranteed 😉

‘I’m not sure if my husband will agree on me having coaching. It’s like having a psychologist and, you know, he is an old school kind of guy’

I’m glad you brought it up. You see, everything new is scary, especially that psychologists are still associated with mental problems. You know, the ‘bad’ ones. But coaching is different. I use specific techniques to help wives like you to achieve their goals and reach their potential in remarkably short amount of time. For example, daily gratefulness list, the ‘I feel like…’ technique and ‘Make your husband say Yes your way’ techniques are not harmful or scary by any means. Except to husbands. You can reassure him that by investing in yourself you are investing in your marriage long term and you are looking for his support, care and love. Finish that up with the kiss and his favourite dessert. Works every time.

‘Ok, it sounds great, but I’m still not sure I need coaching. I’m kind of scared. I have never done it before’

And that’s why coaching is perfect for you! Just imagine all those little troubles, that were bothering you since as long as you can remember and can be eliminated in the first weeks of working together. Yeap, FIRST WEEKS of working together. Fast results are my mother tongue language.

In fact, I have worked with an amazing sister from London, who was so shy the first time we spoke, that I barely could pull any words from her. She said she couldn’t make conversations with the mums at her sons school, because she always thought the ladies thought she was stupid (!) and were avoiding her. Within 5 weeks she was the confident go getter making new friends at her sons’ school with no problems at all. That’s what I call coaching.

I know, you may be hesitant at first, but trust me, it will be THE best experience in your life and it’s a great fun too!

Still need some proof? Here are few words of encouragement from other sisters that worked with me:

“It’s been soul searching experience and time to stop and think. Do try services with positive attitude and open mind” – D. A., UK.

“I was feeling down and stuck with my life at that moment. During session I was feeling very well listen to and could easily express my thoughts and worries. After it I have felt much more positive and relaxed” – N. G., UK

Introducing all new amazing Marriage Whisperer 90 day coaching program

Where you will instantly learn the proven techniques of marriage art that will save you years of figuring it out by yourself. No time to waste and all the time to create great memories with your beloved one.

Why you need marriage coaching program is clear: You can have the marriage you always dreamed of.

Remember those horrible ‘no-talk’ days over petty things?

Now imagine you could just find agreements or, at least, the issue won’t be escalated any further?

How that would feel like?

Is it better to still suffer marital pains 10 years down the line or to find the solutions, that would grow you two closer together day by day?

And believe me, growing together feels much, much better. I have experienced that in my own marriage and my clients experienced that too!

In Marriage Whisperer coaching program you will be getting:

#1 one-on-one by weekly coaching sessions with me (a.k.a best friend chats), where we would dig deep and look for the reasons why you are not having the marriage you was dreaming of;

#2 you will have direct access access to me, just in case you will have any questions or concerns (you will receive answer within 12 hours);

#3 you will be able to tap into the knowledge I have acquired over the years of working and coaching women, that will change your life forever;

#4 you will get to enjoy results within weeks (if not, then just email me and I will cancel your contract);

If You Can Say YES To Any Of These Questions, You’re A Perfect Fit For Coaching With Me:


Question #1: are you looking for ways to improve your marriage, so that you too could enjoy marital life?

Question #2: had your husband ever told you that you complain too much and are too needy of his attention?

Question #3: are you looking for new ways to bring back the ‘sparkle’ in your marriage?

Question #4: do you find yourself giving amazing marriage advice to your friends, but fail to apply it in your own marriage?


If you can say YES to any of the questions above, then great news: You area GREAT fit!

Here is why:

If you are looking for new ways to improve your marriage, you will find plenty of simple and effective techniques at your disposal. I hand pick each technique to fit your unique situation.

You cannot have a perfect marriage if your needs for attention and affection are not satisfied. Working with me will help you to have your needs acknowledge and satisfied.

If you are looking to bring back the ‘sparkle’ in your marriage, then you will find lots of useful ideas that will fit YOUR marriage.

And if you are like most people, that finds easier to give advice than implement it, know that that’s OK too. You will be amazed how right knowledge can help you implement new techniques instantly in your marriage with amazing results.

And the good news?

If after 30 days you will find that Marriage Whisperer 90 day coaching program is not for you, just email me and I will cancel your contract. It’s that simple. You have nothing to risk, but to gain.

It’s time to end this emotional turmoil that leaves you wondering at night if you have done the right thing. Book your first session NOW!

Email me at to request an application form. I want to make sure that we are great fit to work together, because your results are my priority.

Ps. DO NOT delay, because places are very limited. I do not work with more than 10 clients per month.

PPs. email me at NOW!


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