As salamu aleikum, Beautiful 🙂 ” Me Time”. Doesn’t that make you smile and remember that moment you had to enjoy without kids banging on your bathroom door? Yes! I miss it too… Nevertheless, I have some tips for you to enjoy “Me Time” more often. High five!

“Me Time” myths

I must admit, that there are many myths about this special time…

  • You must do it every week
  • You must make your husband fill in for you (?) while you are out
  • You must do what you enjoy most
  • You must feel deserving to spend “Me Time”

To be frank and honest, I wasn’t buying into these myths. Maybe I was too exhausted. Too stuck in the house with 2 under 3’s back then or I just didn’t have brain cells left to think that leaving your kids behind was an option at all.

‘Helpful’ advice

It seems everyone knows how much “Me Time” you need and, heck, they even know how often do you need it.

‘You look stressed’

‘You look tired’

‘You need some “Me Time”‘

‘You can’t hold it all together all the time’…

Sounds familiar?

Enough! It took me a while to understand first, what was realistic in my situation, and second, what do I actually want to do, what does “Me Time” means to me.

“Me Time” simplified

I would like to share with you the whole process I have talked myself through to finally come back to my senses and enjoy my time of solitude…

  1. Know how taking time out for yourself would make you feel.
  2. What will you have to do to get time for yourself? For me it’s giving heads up to my husband, so that he would know what I’m up to. Yes, sometimes he has plans I’m not aware of. Life. I adjust time and/or date. Done!
  3. Schedule “Me Time”. Baby’s nap time? What can you do with that? Fancy some sweets and telly? You go, girl. Need bubbles or work done? Look where can it fit. Be realistic. I get my work done in the evenings and during those cartoon filled afternoons… Yes. I said that. Cartoons. A whole lot of them.
  4. Know thyself or the surrounding noise will drive you nuts.
  5. Get your husband on board. Just remind him how much happier you are after having some good kids-free time for yourself. The fact that he gave half of the chromosomes to make these children happen should not be omitted.

Most importantly, schedule your “Me Time” and look forwards to it. Mine is already scheduled for Saturday evening and I’m planning to stick to it. Plus, insane amount of work that has to be done is going to feel so much more nicer knowing that my reward is just few days away, in shaa Allah.

So now, it’s your turn. How are you going to simplify “Me Time”? Pssst, psssst… Schedule it 😉 and for God’s sake, girl, honour your schedule.

Till next time,

As salamu aleikum,

Veronika al Mahdiyah xoxo


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