As salamu aleiku, Beautiful 🙂 We are days away from Ramadhan! Yay! But before we get there I would like to share with you something that may finally get you to your dream goals, rather than overeating-full disappointment.

Here is the deal: you know you should do x, y and z to achieve a set goal, but you just can’t seem to make real steps towards it. Excuses and busyness sets in.

And months later you find yourself still in the same old place that you have been for far too long in. Then you get angry and set another goal and fail it again.

What happened here?

Shhh… You will never believe what I’m about to share with you. It may be the answer that you was looking for…

THE reason that you do not achieve your dreams IS:

You are waiting until someone will come and give a permission ‘a sign’ that you are finally ready to achieve that goal.

‘Hey, Asma, I shall say that you are finally qualified to get out of your comfort zone and work for yourself’ or ‘Hey, Sarah, yeap, congratulations! You are finally ready to eat normal size portions and increase your physical activity. Get off that couch! Here is your ‘diploma”.

It sounds ridiculous, but what is more ridiculous that you linger around and wait until your mum, husband or annoying (insert the name of the person) will grant you the permission to loose weight, enjoy your current weight (yeap, I just used two opposites here and it’s not an accident), get the balls to get your degree or learn something new.

Do you wait until someone will give you permission to have an opinion too??

Nope. Don’t look for outside permission. Who the hell makes them qualified anyway?

Tell me, and be honest, have you ever been in the situation where you made a decision to ‘go for it’ despite all the naysayers and in the end all the naysayers patted you on the back? After all the headache they have given you?!

Yeap, it makes them instantly unqualified.

So what are you going to qualify yourself for? Some pilates, one book a day, graduating in your chosen subject or making that freakin’ souffle without it flopping?

I shall say ‘Say bismillah and if you feel in your heart that it’s right for you and your deen, go for it’.

If not, don’t let anyone pressure you into anything that goes against your values.

High five! and have an amazing Ramadhan full of blessings, in shaa Allah.

Till next time,

Your wild, ehem, confidence coach,

Veronika al Mahdiyah.

As salamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu! xoxo

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