As salamu aleikum, Beautiful!! We are now in the final 10 days of the Blessed month, alhamdulillah. Next week is Eid, can you believe it?? Before we dive into the celebrations, let’s use the last final days to reap the most benefits. In shaa Allah.

As every mum, wife and generally busy mum, you know how tough it gets in the last bit of Ramadhan.

You need to make sure everyone is ready for Eid, clothes ready, food ready, house ready and you, beautiful wife, still need to be on the top of your ibadah.

So, how do you reap the most rewards for the last 10 days of Ramadhan?

Here are 5 simple ‘busy schedule friendly’ ways for you to do so:

#1 Use every opportunity you have to make dhikr.

Leave few sticky notes in the places that you tend to spend the most time during the day with reminders to do dhikr. For example, ‘Say Alhamdulillah 10 times now’. Every little counts.

#2 If you have kids, make them do tiny bit of extra ibadah with you together (mind your patience levels, though!).

Colouring print-outs with mosques, lanterns or Alhamdulillah on it? Yes, please!

Here are few websites (if you prefer, just check Pinterest):

Sheikh Google has something to offer too CLICK HERE 

#3 If you find completely unable to find time to read Quran (you know that sometimes happen!), recite EVERYTHING you know from your memory.

Do not fall in the trap of ‘I don’t have time, so I don’t do it at all’. Last three surahs and al-Fatiha is all you know? Masha Allah. Recite them as if you life depends on them!

#4 Give to charity. Whether it’s cash or time.

You heard that even a smile is a charity, so use the opportunities that arise. You know someone is ill, sad or going through personal struggles? Be there for them, just listening and being present will help to relieve their heartaches (it may not necessarily will solve their problems, though).

You can spare few or more pounds? Give it to the charity. I’m quite weird, but I like ‘investing’ into hifz of Quran, mosques, water wells and anything that could be as a sadaqa jariyah. Basically, recurring sadaqa revenue. Yes, I’m that weird, judge me!

#5 Concentrate on the positives, rather than the ‘Can’t Do’s’.

If you will take only one advice from all those five, take this ‘Concentrate on what you can do, instead of neglecting it all together, because you don’t have … (insert what fits your situation)’.

These last 10 days will be gone sooner than you or me will want to, so don’t waste them and, for God’s sake, enjoy them!

Big hugs to you, my busy fellow Sister!! Now off you go!

Ma salama!! <3

Veronika al Mahdiyah.

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