As salamu aleikum, Beautiful;) The Blessed Month is only one week away, alhamdulillah. We have been blessed to witness yet another Ramadhan and as usually we have high hopes for it. This year we will achieve this and that, that’s how much Quran we will read and that’s how many times we will sneak and extra prayer followed by dhikr.

Ramadhan comes and we are overwhelmed by motherhood duties… Hyper kids, cooking, guests and enormous guilt of not achieving our Ramadhan goals.

Tell me about half awake Suhoors, dead tired Fajr and other ‘enjoyments’ of Ramadhan that we have to push through.

It’s not a surprise that Ramadhan comes and goes and while we do all our best to reap the most benefits from it, we feel exhausted from constant ‘catch-up’ game, constantly cooking several meals and serving guests…

Do you find yourself doubting if you will ever be able to enjoy Ramadhan the way you used to before marriage and kids…

Let’s admit that biggest 2 headaches during Ramadhan are food (constantly banging out Michelin starred meals) and a struggle to keep up with spiritual goals.

‘I would like to enjoy Ramadhan, but, as every year, I will end up in the kitchen, with kids tearing the house apart and a picky husband, who turns into a monster half an hour before Maghrib’

Sounds like an awesome experience 🙂

I have been way too often in this situation, where I would start Ramadhan strong, determined and ready to uplift my spirits.

Two days in, my kids would start to drive me absolutely nuts and talk over any Quran recitation I would turn on, climb over my back when I’m praying or run around in circles during that little precious time that I had to devout for ibadah.

I felt hopeless and quite bitter, that these little blessings would ruin MY Ramadhan.

Come on, I cannot go to Taraweeh, I’m dead tired and behind my goals. What a Ramadhan?!?

Until I learnt how to manage my goals and myself, so that I could enjoy Ramadhan too.

It was a serious talk with myself about my little blessings and how can I enjoy the spiritual journey, while running flawlessly (ehem) my household.

I have found some shortcuts to be better than others.

I set realistic goals.

I filed and I succeeded.

Most importantly, I forgave myself over and over again and never let a small setback to ruin the overall Ramadhan experience.

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Until next time,

As salamu aleikum,

Veronika al Mahdiyah.

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