As salamu aleikum, Beautiful 🙂 Some memories are beautiful and bring us back to the amazing childhood, but some are rather painful. Why we cannot live in those beautiful memories? Why we think of all the bad that happened?

Let’s take an example of little Sarah.

Sarah was four when she saw her mum pass away. Since then her family took her in to raise her as the father felt he wasn’t up to the task.

She felt lonely and wanted to be childishly free, but the pressure to be a ‘good’ girl was too much of a burden for her little shoulders. She didn’t want to be a ‘burden’ to someone else.

Sarah would be looking at the bright moon just before her little eyes closed from tiredness and would ponder what her life would have been like if her mum was still alive.

Where was her father?

He was a rare guest and didn’t show any emotions nor interest in her. That broke her heart.

She grew into a woman. Now it’s hers turn to conquer the world.

Moving forwards she can choose to let her identity of being a ‘burden’ to define her or she can choose to accept the unknown of the future with just being herself.

In real life we could call these two options as Option A and Option B (ehem, in real book worm life 🙂 ).

If Sarah chooses Option A and let’s her identity as being a ‘burden’ to identify her, her life could be…

‘Every person thinks that I’m not worth of their time. My own father left me. I’m useless. No one needs me’.

OR, if she chooses Option B, her life could be defined by…

‘I’m a unique person with good and bad character traits. Those who will be able to see the beauty in me, will stay. Those who won’t, will leave’.

Can you see the difference between the two Sarah’s options?

So ‘Why do the childhood memories hurt?’

Because we identify ourselves according to the painful experiences and we do not move on. We do not set ourselves free of all the painful past.

We are still this little child, who has been neglected, left, unloved.

You can choose which memories identify you as a person or have had the most impact on building your character.

Identify yourself by the lessons you learned, not by the pain you endured.

It’s that simple. Not easy. Simple.

Till next time.

As salamu aleikum,

Veronika al Mahdiyah.

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